news from Reykjavik


  • Jaime Derringer | Design milk

    “Using hay is nothing new – it’s been used in furniture for many years, but Fabio del Percio has updated it in his new contemporary series by allowing the hay to be the focus of the pieces. Encased in a transparent PVC cover with a zipper, the hay, which comes from Iceland, can breath and stay fresh inside.”


    - Jaime Derringer | Design milk
  • Apartment Therapy Magazine

    “It’s a clever idea with a clever name, but this furniture collection by Fabio del Percio is a simple concept. “

    - Apartment Therapy Magazine
  • Home Tone Magazine

    “Mason Cooley, a US aphorist once said, “The novelty we want is always close to the familiar.” The Hey collection by Fabio del Percio, an Italian upholsterer, speaks the same.
    Nobody could have fathomed the idea of smelling as well as seeing hay and adding glory to the modern furnishing in your drawing rooms or living rooms. The furniture appears articles from the museum. Fabio del Percio has definitely carved a niche for himself in this field.”

    - Home Tone Magazine